Here are the two latest books that I read in July.

When objectors are preparing their arguments and statements you can add credibility by referencing some the thousands of links and study bibliographies on this site.   The site is massive and confusing, but you can find something about everything everyone has discussed so far.

It really does have massive amounts of information relative for exposing the misrepresentations, exaggerations, false comparisons, unsubstantiated numbers, and other indirect lies in all of the statements and PowerPoints of Hillwood.

Demonstrating that the numbers are all false is key to voting no.  That means the yes from the planning commission, who did not question any of the Hillwood data but merely tweaked around the edges, has no validity.

We also need to be sure that council knows that:  below are comments from my first draft.  Perhaps they will help others in preparing their statements.  Please do not share outside of the group, unless it is an objector opposed to the project.

If anyone wants to comment, but does not know what of importance to bring up, call me.   I am traveling most of the coming month, but will do my best to assist.

The traffic in particular has been underestimated from 3 to 6 times.   That is massive.

If anyone plans to discuss it, you are welcome to call me and review some specifics in detail.

Murray Bilby

One critical area not addressed is the relationship of Amazon to Hillwood to Longan to the sub-contractors.     We must acknowledge the players and their relationships.  This has been totally ignored and must be taken into consideration in evaluating all the studies and comments given in public sessions.

Hillwood is loyal to Amazon.  Amazon is the Hillwood client.  It is their building design that is being built by Hillwood for Amazon.

Amazon decides what it needs and where it needs it through its AI programing:  What type of facility, the size and the location.  It then tells a developer to build a specific building in a specific area.  Amazon only goes where it wants to go and is not influenced by anyone or anything, including tax benefits.  Thus, the building proposed by Hillwood was Amazon from the very start.  Amazon supplied the architectural specifications for this latest generation automated distribution center.

Amazon assigns the responsibility to deliver to companies such as Hillwood and Prologis.  Hillwood’s client is Amazon.  So, its loyalty is to Amazon.

Hillwood apparently has such a good track record delivering for Amazon that it was charged will finding and delivering the east Pittsburgh sort facility.  Never has such a large parcel so close to an urban location been found.  It fits the Amazon criteria of a small community that could offer only token resistance, so they agreed to the Hillwood proposal to build it here.

Langon is loyal to Hillwood, its client is Hillwood.  All work is designated to the requirements of that client.

The job for Langan Engineers is to provide the reports meeting building requirements for the Hillwood project.  Those reports must support the Hillwood project.  Their job is not to supply unbiassed studies.  Their job is to justify the Hillwood project.   Let me repeat this,  Their work is not neutral or unbiased, it is purposely designed to get the project approved.  Langan engineer’s loyalty is to Hillwood.

Thus Churchill Borough must not accept the data and analysis which is presented as supporting the project as any more than the minimum required to get the proposal greenlighted.


amazon book

Collection of statements to stock holders over the years.    Useful to see the continuity of comments that are specific without actually revealing anything.  Often used by other sources.

amazon book

Quite a good read and the most up to date on Amazon.  Stone knows more about the company than anyone else.  This book picks up from his original book when he had access directly with Bezos.  But the comments from ex-employees adds significantly to understanding the Amazon world.  If you only have time for one book, this is the one.