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Timing is very tight so this is something that can not be postponed.  If you don’t act immediately, you will suffer with reduced land value and a polluted environment.

Hillwood will control the conversation by stressing the same two points regardless of what objections anyone brings up.  Lower taxes…more jobs…lower taxes…more jobs.  Neither claim is true but, by repeating falsehoods and exaggerations endlessly, they will avoid any discussion detrimental to their plans, even if those claims are not true.  They will drown out everyone else unless you do your part to dig below the surface and contact each person involved one by one.

Hillwood play for keeps.  They will make a lot of money with this project to the detriment of Churchill Borough.


Email your written comments with a link to the Churchillfuture.com web site to every person below.

Write in your own words how you feel about the 2 or 3 areas that are most important to YOU.  Don’t feel restricted; let your thoughts flow.   It can be a short or as long as you want.  There is no test on grammar, just get your ideas out so that others understand your personal concerns.


Talk directly to your neighbors, those on both sides and across the street.  If you know other borough residents, contact them as well.  Ask them to read the letter and form their own thoughts about this project.


Call and talk one on one with as many of them as you can.  They are your neighbors, and they want to do what is best for Churchill.  Help them understand your feelings.  No need to tie them up with an hour of conversation. Limit your call to no more than 5 minutes, and reconfirm what you wrote in the email.


Prepare a 3-minute presentation for the Borough Council meetings. Imagine this is your 3 minutes of time in front of your 3rd-grade class.  Write it down and practice so that you get your thoughts across within the 3-minute limit currently given for public comments.

Even if you do not have a camera, you can still participate.  How to connect is listed below, but is also found on the borough website, http://www.churchillborough.com/. Just click on the zoom link.

Churchill Borough holds regular meetings online via Zoom. You can find information on how to attend meetings by visiting: www.churchillborough.com.

In the Churchill Newsletter, it mentions that, “April is likely the earliest that the Planning Commission will take action to recommend conditional use approval to Council. If recommended, Council will likely hold a public hearing on the project on May 10 and could render a final decision as early as June 14.


 *The Zoning Hearing Board is scheduled to meet on the 4th Monday of each month, however, they only meet as needed and rarely meet. They keep the meeting on the schedule in case they have something.